The brokers at Loyal EFX do an excellent job executing our trading programs for Mariner Futures.Your attention to detail and knowledge in the area of systems trading and risk management is exceptional. We’re proud to recommend Loyal EFX Trading and thank you.


Just wanted to say “Bravo” on the site, content and daily analysis. I was blown away to find the Live Trading section. I have come across a few other price action Forex sites in my trading travels over the years, but even your free training, articles and daily potential set ups offer more than the other guys do for paid.


After finding your site and deciding to become a member, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for providing such an excellent no nonsensical analysis and trades to take. I am already almost 100% up on my profit in just 6 days of trading. After having lost almost in the low 5 digits in my years of Forex trading, it gives me immense confidence in taking up trades after reading your excellent analysis and charts. For now I am following your trades and hope to learn the setups slowly and become a much better trader.


This is a great platform

When I finally decided to delegate my systems’ execution systems, I interviewed a couple of robo brokers and found Loyal EFX Trading to be the most flexible. They can trade systems the way you want it, and they take signals from high-end encrypted software all the way down to a bunch of rules written down on paper. Shane knows what he’s doing, is a pleasure to work with, and responds to emails promptly. Highly recommended.


Would recommend to anyone

Loyal EFX has the widest market coverage of all the brokers I have looked at. As diversification is important to enhance my trading systems performance, Loyal EFX Trading was the obvious choice to build a portfolio of global futures. I also appreciate and have a strong knowledge and experience of all these exotic markets, which “comes in handy” in many occasions. I strongly recommend Loyal EFX Trading for global markets access and their excellent support.


I have had Loyal EFX Trading manage all of my system trading since 2004

I have had Loyal EFX Trading manage all of my system trading since 2004. I could not be happier for it. Not having to worry about data download and order generation several times a day makes life so much easier. And knowing with certainty that all my orders will be executed exactly as per the systems gives me great peace of mind: no second-guessing the system and/or making costly mistakes. Stress levels are much lower thanks to Loyal EFX and I still benefit from my trading systems results! They have my top recommendation.


Excellent Customer Support

This is extremely easy to understand. Even if you do not know anything regarding Forex trading, it will guide you in the right direction.